LOTOS-duo Peter Turbanski has been producing glass Christmas ornaments since 2002 but the tradition of the family business dates back to 1998, when the baubles factory had been first estimated by Maria and Ireneusz Turbanscy under The Multitrade LOTOS Company brand.

Over this time, we have been able to win customers recognition in both the domestic and foreign markets. Our baubles are very popular in the neighboring countries of Poland as well as in other places such as Great Britain and Australia, creating a festive atmosphere in many homes around the world.

During 2016 we moved to our new facility and now we have the great honor and pleasure of inviting you to cooperate in our new production facility with a specially prepared sales room with convenient access and large parking. We sell our products all year round both wholesale and retail, as well as launching sales in the company online store.

We offer a selection of handmade and certified glass Christmas ornaments. We have a wide collection of our own designs as well as customized customers designs. In our collection you will find baubles of various sizes and shapes made using traditional methods, as well as using the latest methods of decoration.