During the pre-Christmas period in October, November and mid-December school trips and organized groups are welcomed to visit our factory of glass Christmas ornaments and decorations. 

It is a guided tour and you will be taken into fairytale world. We will have a quick chemistry lesson about Tollens’ reagent, showing of a sample of a silver mirror. You will also find the art of molding bubbles in the 18th century.

These tours aim to promote handicrafts and help to realize the amount of work that accompanies each unique piece of artwork, so we do not charge you for visiting the establishment. 

* If you want to combine the visit of the plant with the practice of decorating the glass balls, it is possible to combine the visit together with a dedicated professional workshop artist. (additional charges may apply) Advance reservations required: 

Open: Monday to Friday, 7am-3pm:

  +48 (062) 721 68 86